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Minerva 2-register chronograph - sold

Minerva 6003


34mm stainless steel screwback case. Movement is Minerva with the Minerva logo (arrow inside circle) engraved on the plate underneath the balance. However, a caliber number is not indicated, at least I can't find it. My best guess is that it's a Cal. 48 based on the age, which I estimate is mid to late 1950s. You'll notice the case serial number on the inside back has an "8" engraved over the top of the "7". I believe this is legitimate and was done at the factory because they probably had a surplus of these cases lying around and they "jumped" the serial number so they would not duplicate numbers that had already been used by other models. The dial has been refinished, but for some reason the previous owner chose not to relumin the hands, and you'll notice that most of the lumin has fallen out of the minute hand.