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Gruen Barclay, aka, "Spider" open framework

Gruen 5905


Case style number 335 723 corresponds to 1950 year of production *. Good gold filled case, some wear is evident. Refinished dial. This model is called the "Barclay," though many collectors refer to it as the "Spider," due to its case resembling a spider or spider web. The 335 was one of Gruen's best movements, with 21 jewels, and enjoys the distinction of the only Gruen movement to be made in the USA. Gruen tried this strategy in the early 1950s to avoid the high import taxes on Swiss-made movements, but the strategy ultimately failed, and the expense of building and tooling a watch movement factory was one of the factors that led to Gruen's demise. Anyway, while the Barclay is not necessarily a "rare" watch, it is uncommon because its radical design proved rather unpopular in its day. We see examples from 1950 to 1952, so it wasn't offered for sale for very long. 16mm black leather band. * Mike Barnett's online Gruen database,