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Croton (Nivada Grenchen) Aquamatic 360EL

Croton 5860


Excellent 10kt YGF bezel with stainless steel back secured to bezel with four screws. Case measures 41mm long lug to lug, by 32mm wide, not including crown. Excellent black original dial ("SWISS" at bottom is very faint, but it's there). Tiny spots you see on image are microdust reflections on the crystal and are not on the dial. Black dials are very difficult to photograph, especially in strong light. Automatic movement sets and winds perfectly, keeps time to within 2 min/day but not known when last serviced. 18mm black leather band, used but serviceable condition. Good acrylic crystal. Replacement crown signed Gruen. Sorry, but with hand tremors I don't feel capable of removing the back and putting it back on. Other examples of this same watch contain the Croton signed CaliberĀ E3SE C2186, which the base movement is the ETA Caliber 1256. Wish I knew the significance of the "360EL" but can't find anything about this on the Internet. Croton (also known as Nivada Grenchen in the European markets) is a good solid brand, undervalued here in the states.