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Hamilton Odyssee 2001

Hamilton 5829


All stainless steel screwback case measures 37mm diameter. Case is in excellent to near mint condition. Replacement crown (unsigned). Replacement crystal, close to original as possible. 17J Swiss made movement sets and winds perfectly, keeps time to within 2 min/day but not known when last serviced. Generic 18mm leather band. The Odyssee 2001 is well known among Hamilton collectors as an iconic watch. It is also known among many film buffs due to the implicit reference to the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film, "2001: A Space Odyssey." Though I don't know if it's exaggeration to call it "rare," I would say it's not the easiest watch to find out there. I ran across this specimen about 9 years ago at a Tom Harris auction, and I haven't seen another since. It's design is fairly unique, and certainly radical for the usually conservative Hamilton company. It is not only slightly elliptical in shape, but also has a wedged profile, with the top being about 2.5mm thicker than the bottom. 
In the interest of full disclosure, the replacement crystal on this watch is not correct replacement. Genuine replacement crystals are near impossible to find, so my watchmaker fit a close substitute to it. and cemented it to the inside rim of the dial opening.
The original bracelet was lost long ago; the watch came to me with an 18mm leather band. I believe this is priced under market. It is certainly in nice condition, but has its issues with the crystal, crown, and generic leather band. I'll guess we'll know soon enough if someone out there believes it's a bargain!