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Bruce's Vintage Watches

This page is where you find all the watches I have sold since the beginning of this website in 2013. This page automatically updates whenever a watch is sold, so the watches are listed chronologically, from most recent watch sold to the earliest watches sold. If you can't find a certain watch in the store that I've just announced, it's probably because somebody beat you to it, and you'll find it here.

Unlike my competitors, I leave the prices on the watches so you can see what they bought and to see how I stack up against my competition on prices. You can even perform a little market research to see what your own watches are worth. I hope you find this latest function of my website useful!

Stock Number 5719
Bedford Direct Read
Chrome case 37mm long lug to lug, by 25mm wide. Average case, lots of scratches as you see them. 15-jewel signed Beford movement sets and winds perfectly. Runs but not known when last serviced. Discs are in good shape. No band with this; just the watch. Cool direct read from the late 1920s or early '30s. More details
Gruen Strap Model 14 White Gold Filled Cal. 707
14kt white gold filled case, 38mm long lug to lug, by 31mm wide. Good to very good Wadsworth case, pierced lugs, small splits on lug edges as you see them. Inside back is stamped 707 to indicate the Caliber movement, but no style number. Nicely refinished dial and hands. Replacement crown, probably a little too big for this model, but IIWII. 15…More details
Stock Number 5715
Hampden Lever Set Wristwatch

Hampden 0-size Molly Stark lever set wristwatch conversion. Contract case, gold plated, stainless steel back 37.5mm long lug to lug by 31mm wide. Toward the end of their existence in 1930, the Hampden Watch Co. took a number of their leftover Molly Stark 0-size pendent watch movements, and made them into wristwatches. Since they didn't have…

More details
Stock Number 5714
Tissot Antimagnetic
Excellent to near mint all stainless steel snapback case, measuring 42mm long lug to lug, by 33mm wide. All original as far as I can tell, with the exception of the crystal. Sets and winds perfectly, runs, but not known when last serviced. 18mm navy blue band.More details
Stock Number 5709
Waltham 100-jewel self-winding

MECHANIC'S SPECIAL! Waltham 100 jewels. Electroplated case with stainless back. 43mm long lug to lug by 35mm wide. I was saving this one more for its historical value that anything else, because it's really a novelty watch when you come down to it. The ‘50s and ‘60s saw watch manufacturers competing in a “jewel war,” trying to convince the public…

More details
Benrus automatic new old stock with boxes
As most of you know, I don't normally mess with Benrus, but in a moment of weakness I bought this new old stock automatic Benrus for $100 just because it looks so damned beautiful and it it's new old stock with original half-n-half bracelet band, and double boxes. With those big luscious lugs, the watch is a full 44mm long tip to tip, and 33mm…More details
Doxa all steel black dial manual wind

Doxa, round, all stainless steel screwback case measures 40mm long lug to lug, by 32mm wide. Excellent condition, all original except for a new crystal. Black dial with red arrow sweep seconds hand. 17J movement sets and winds perfectly, runs, but not known when last serviced.

More details
Waltham 0-size cushion in 14kt solid gold case

Let's start out with the good news: Here is a vintage teens, likely WWI era (1917-1919) Waltham cushion watch in solid 14kt gold case, weighing in at 14 grams net (after removing movement, cyrstal, and crown, and deduction 0.6 grams for the stem). At today's spot gold price of $1,317/ounce, there is $345 full melt value (not scrap value) of gold…

More details
Stock Number 5703
Wakmann round flared lug
MECHANIC'S SPECIAL. Wakmanm round with flared lugs. All stainless steel screwback case measures 39mm long by 30.5mm wide. Awesome lugs on this specimen. Excellent quadrant dial. Check out that sweep secs hand with large red disc at the end ... impossible not to see that! 17J manual wind movement winds and sets. It did run when I acquired it, but…More details
Omega Ref. 166.1063 Automatic with date
All stainless steel screwback case, 41mm high by 35mm wide. 25-year service engraving on back, dated 1976. Excellent case and original dial. 17 jewel Caliber 1010 features quickset date (two-position crown, pull crown out to first position). Movement winds, sets, and runs, though not known when last serviced. 18mm black leather band.More details