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Bruce's Vintage Watches

This page is where you find all the watches I have sold since the beginning of this website in 2013. This page automatically updates whenever a watch is sold, so the watches are listed chronologically, from most recent watch sold to the earliest watches sold. If you can't find a certain watch in the store that I've just announced, it's probably because somebody beat you to it, and you'll find it here.

Unlike my competitors, I leave the prices on the watches so you can see what they bought and to see how I stack up against my competition on prices. You can even perform a little market research to see what your own watches are worth. I hope you find this latest function of my website useful!

Stock Number 5821
Ebel early automatic all steel case
Price reduced to $125; was originally $175. All stainless steel case measures 38 mm long lug to lug by 32 mm wide not including crown. Screw back case is in excellent near mint condition. The dial is original and in mostly excellent condition with a light even patina. Couple tiny scratches, most noticeable by the "C" in AUTOMATIC. Crown appears…More details
Stock Number 5819
Girard Perregaux Gyromatic
Was $150; now reduced to $135. All stainless steel one-piece case measures 36mm high lug to lug, by 28mm wide, not including crown. Cushion shape case is in excellent condition. Excellent original dial. Crown and acrylic crystal are replacement. 17-jewel movement winds and sets perfectly, keeps time to 2 min/day or better but not known when last…More details
Stock Number 5817
Elgin 1920s cushion
Was $150; now reduced to $135. White gold filled Illinois Watch Case Co. "Tivoli" cushion case measures 38mm long, lug to lug, by 31mm wide, not including crown and is in excellent condition. Excellent condition white metal dial with large yellow gold Arabic numerals. Glass crystal. Correct crown from the era (probably a replacement). 7-jewel…More details
Stock Number 5808
Ernest Borel Cocktail Watch
Was $195; now reduced to $175. Excellent yellow base metal case measures 41mm long by 32mm wide. Beautiful condition throughout. 17J movement sets and winds properly, and movement just serviced (cleaned, oiled, adjusted) will run to within 2 min/day but not known when last serviced. For better or worse, "cocktail watch" remains the best known…More details
Stock Number 5806
Fortis Round Automatic Gold Cap
Case measures 36mm high lug to lug by 29mm wide, not including crown. Case is all stainless steel, screwback, with a gold cap.  Original dial in excellent condition. Fitted with new winding crown. Crystal is plastic and has a small but deep scratch at 12:00, so I am not going to try buffing that out. 17 jewel automatic movement winds and sets…More details
Stock Number 5804
Elgin giant 6-size WWI Trench Watch
Someone had an old 6-size Elgin pocket watch movement from 1896 (serial number 6254874) and asked their local jeweler to make it into a wristwatch. Lucky for them, Philadelphia Watch Case Co. had just come out with a 6-size case for use in WWI trench watches, so the two were mated. The case back is in pretty rough shape, at least the back which…More details
Stock Number 5803
Omega Seamaster Ref. 2576-11
If you look closely at the dial of this watch, you will notice that the "3" is missing its tail. Don't know how this got broken off. I search high and low for a replacement "3" and even looked at literally a thousand dials for sale on eBay, and came up empty. This must be a rare dial for the Seamaster. Anyway, is a Reference 2576-11, with a Cal.…More details
Stock Number 5797
Movado Acvatic
Case measures 39mm high lug to lug, by 28mm wide, not including crown. All stainless screwback case is in excellent condition with a presentation engraving on the back. There is an extra dust cover over the movement. Excellent original white/black "bullseye" dial. Original crown. New crystal. Movement sets and winds perfectly, runs about five…More details
Bulova Accutron 214 10th anniversary Spaceview

In 1970, Bulova produced a limited number of Spaceview Accutron 214 models to mark the 10th anniversary of the Accutron which was introduced in 1960. Few of these anniversary editions survive today, especially in super nice condition like this one. Case measures 42mm high lug to lug by 37mm wide, not including crown Case is all stainless steel,…

More details
Stock Number 5788
Bulova "His Excellency"
White all gold filled case. Dimensions: 39mm high lug to lug by 30mm wide, not including crown. Bezel is excellent, all metal intact, couple small scrapes on lug undersided. Back has an engraving of a fraternal organization crest that I do not recognize, and name "James E. Hurley PCC", and year 1949. Excellent original grey satin dial.…More details