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Bruce's Vintage Watches

This page is where you find all the watches I have sold since the beginning of this website in 2013. This page automatically updates whenever a watch is sold, so the watches are listed chronologically, from most recent watch sold to the earliest watches sold. If you can't find a certain watch in the store that I've just announced, it's probably because somebody beat you to it, and you'll find it here.

Unlike my competitors, I leave the prices on the watches so you can see what they bought and to see how I stack up against my competition on prices. You can even perform a little market research to see what your own watches are worth. I hope you find this latest function of my website useful!

Stock Number 6005
Gruen Quadron
White gold filled case measures 38x22mm. Style 157/8 dates to 1925, the year Gruen introduced the Quadron. Excellent condition case with no personalized engraving, and pierced lugs are not all stretched out. Original luminous dial with some toning as seen. Replacement crown. Replacement acrylic crystal. 15 jewel Grade 157 movement sets and winds…More details
Stock Number 6003
Minerva 2-register chronograph
34mm stainless steel screwback case. Movement is Minerva with the Minerva logo (arrow inside circle) engraved on the plate underneath the balance. However, a caliber number is not indicated, at least I can't find it. My best guess is that it's a Cal. 48 based on the age, which I estimate is mid to late 1950s. You'll notice the case serial number…More details
Bulova circa 1939 President 45mm case
All gold filled case measures 45mm long lug to lug by 20mm wide. Case is in excellent condition with minimal wear. Good original dial. Top of the line Grade 7AP movement with 21 jewels sets and winds properly. Movement runs to within 2 min/day but not known when last serviced. This is a super-long and curved Bulova ... probably the longest watch…More details
Stock Number 5982
Gruen Quadron Model 48
Gruen Quadron, manual wind, 22mm x 38mm to lug tips, 16mm lug width, white gold-filled snap back case with filigree detail, brown leather strap, silvered dial with black painted numerals, 15J Caliber 117. Identified in the Gruen records as the Model 48. Clean, oiled, and adjusted Feb. 2020 and keeps time to within 2 min/day or better
More details
Stock Number 5961
Elgin "States 670"
Elgin "States Series" 670. Excellent white gold filled case, 27mm x 35mm to lug tips. 16mm lug width, white gold-filled case with engraved pattern, brown leather strap, original silvered dial with radium painted numerals, 15J grade 428 movement has just been cleaned, oiled and adjusted. Includes presentation box. Elgin created "Series" in the…More details
Stock Number 5950
Ulysse Nardin chronometer
Excellent all yellow gold filled case measures 39mm long lug to lug, by 25mm wide, not including crown. One small laser weld repair on back of case by opening tab. Excellent refinished dial. 17J manual wind movement sets and winds perfectly, keeps time to within 2 min/day. 18mm brown leather Speidel strap. Beautifully scultped case. This is the…More details
Stock Number 5949
Hamilton Raleigh Engraved
Excellent all white gold filled case measures 39mm long lug to lug by 28mm wide not including crown. Refinished dial and hands. Replacement crystal (plastic) and crown. 17J Caliber 987F movement winds and set correctly, keeps time to within 2 min/day. 16mm black leather strap. The Raleigh was introduced in 1930, and came in plain and engraved…More details
Benrus roulette wheel dial divers' watch
Stainless steel case measures 37mm long lug to lug, by 35mm wide. Vacuum sealed case. Excellent original dial. Manual wind movement, I assume 17J but can't be sure because I don't have the proper tools to remove the back. Movement sets and winds properly and keeps time to within 2 mi/day. Original steel bracelet with deployment clasp. This watch…More details
Stock Number 5944
Elgin WWII/Korea military
Chrome bezel, SS back, measures 38mm long lug to lug, by 31mm wide. Some pitting on bezel, but not bad. Excellent original dial and good hands. Check out that luminous second hand; never seen one like that before. 7-jewel grade 580 movement sets and winds properly, keeps time to within 2 min/day. Aftermarket canvas strap.More details
Roamer Anfibio South Africa military issue
All steel one-piece case measures 40mm long, lug to lug, by 35mm wide, not including winding crown. Engraved on back with South Africa ordnance markings. Most likely supplied during the war in Rhodesia, 1964-1979 era. Nylon, NATO style band. Sorry, don't have the proper tools to open this and show you the movement. It's a manual wind. NOS…More details