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Bruce's Vintage Watches

This page is kind of the heart-and-soul of the website. Here is where I showcase the watches I have for sale at any given moment, and is probably the page where you'll spend the most time. Each "frame" below presents a small photo and a mini-description of each watch for sale. If you know you want the watch right away, click the box titled "Add to Cart." To find out more about any given watch, click on either the highlighted text "More details" at the end of the mini-description, or on the small picture to the left. You'll be taken to a page containing the rest of the description, along with more and larger photos of the particular watch. From there, you can either add the watch to your shopping cart, or return to this page to continue viewing more watches.

When someone buys a watch, it disappears from this page. So if you visit this page a few days (or a few hours) later, and a watch that you looked at is no longer there, it's because someone bought it. You can confirm that the watch has been sold by clicking on the "sold watches" that appears on the "support" dropdown tab at the top of the website. Watches remain "in play" to all viewers of this web page until someone "checks out" and pays for the watch. So there is a small (but nevertheless possible) chance that a watch sitting your shopping cart might not be there when you check out if someone has beaten you to it. Therefore, if there is a watch that you really REALLY want, I would urge you to "check out" as quickly as possible, and then continue shopping if there are other watches of milder interest. Happy shopping

Beautiful example of this rare model. 33mm x 40mm to lug tips, 18mm lug width, stainless steel screw back case with 14K gold overlay, black leather strap, black dial with applied silver indices. Fresh battery. Runs and keeps accurate time. Sets properly from back of watch.More details
Stock Number 6005
All gold filled case measures 45mm long lug to lug by 20mm wide. Case is in excellent condition with minimal wear. Good original dial. Top of the line Grade 7AP movement with 21 jewels sets and winds properly. Movement runs to within 2 min/day but not known when last serviced. This is a super-long and curved Bulova ... probably the longest watch…More details
Stock Number 5997
White gold-filled case, 24mm x 32mm to lug tips, 18mm lug width, black leather strap, toned silvered dial with radium numerals, 17J movement winds and sets correctly, serviced 2/2020 with a clean oil and adjust, and runs to within 2 min/day or better. Black leather band. This is a watch for a smaller wrist. Was $250; now reduced to $225.More details
Stock Number 5984
Bulova Westover, manual wind, 24mm x 33mm to lug tips, 18mm lug width, gold-filled snap back case with graduated fluting along case edge, matching gold-filled expandable bracelet, silvered dial with applied gold numerals, 17J, Winds and sets perfectly, keeps time to within 2 min/day but not known when last serviced. I believe that's the original.…More details
Stock Number 5983
Eterna, manual wind, gold-filled snap back case, 43mm long lug to lug, by 20mm wide, engraved "John Romadka" on the reverse. black leather strap, silvered dial with applied gold numerals, 17J. Cleaned, oiled and adjust Feb. 2020. Winds and sets properly, keeps time to within 2 min/day. An unusual piece; you don't normally see Eterna dress models.More details
Stock Number 5975
Girard Perregaux, manual wind, 23mm x 35mm to lug tips, 17mm lug width, stainless steel case with back secured by screwbar on either end.  Black leather strap, silvered dial with radium painted numerals. Just cleaned, oiled and adjusted and runs fine.Rare experimental case that I’ve seen with other makers, but not GP. Cleaned, oil and adjust…More details
Stock Number 5974
Tissot square bumper automatic. Yellow gold filled case. 31mm x 43mm to lug tips, 19mm lug width, gold-filled snap back case, black leather strap, silvered dial with applied gold indices, 17J. Large size, unusual to see a square automatic from Tissot; most are rounds. Great quality brand, underappreciated. Winds and sets perfectly, runs to within…More details
Stock Number 5973
Mido, 21mm x 35mm to lug tips, 18mm lug width, rose gold case, gray leather strap, copper colored dial with black painted markers, a few scratches, but still an original dial,  rectangle dress watch 14kt pink gold. Hard to find a Mido dress watch, let alone one in 14kt solid gold. Movement sets and winds perfectly, keeps time to within 2 min/day…More details
Stock Number 5971
Hamilton Contour, driver's watch with flexing lugs. Yellow gold filled case measures 39mm long lug to lug, by 27mm wide. Excellent case. 17J Caliber 980 movement. Sets and winds perfectly, keeps time to within 2 min/day but not known when last serviced. Made for only a couple of years, then recalled by Hamilton, perhaps the only watch to have…More details
Stock Number 5967
Tavannes, 14kt solid gold case with hidden wire lugs measures 31mm x 40mm to lug tips, 16mm lug width, white enamel dial with black numerals and a red 12. There is a hairline fracture on the edge of the dial between 11 and 12 o'clock, very minor, mentioned only for accuracy. Gross weight of assembled 14K gold watch 20.1 dwt (31.4 g). Beautiful…More details