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Bruce's Vintage Watches

This page is kind of the heart-and-soul of the website. Here is where I showcase the watches I have for sale at any given moment, and is probably the page where you'll spend the most time. Each "frame" below presents a small photo and a mini-description of each watch for sale. If you know you want the watch right away, click the box titled "Add to Cart." To find out more about any given watch, click on either the highlighted text "More details" at the end of the mini-description, or on the small picture to the left. You'll be taken to a page containing the rest of the description, along with more and larger photos of the particular watch. From there, you can either add the watch to your shopping cart, or return to this page to continue viewing more watches.

When someone buys a watch, it disappears from this page. So if you visit this page a few days (or a few hours) later, and a watch that you looked at is no longer there, it's because someone bought it. Watches remain "in play" to all viewers of this web page until someone "checks out" and pays for the watch. So there is a small (but nevertheless possible) chance that a watch sitting your shopping cart might not be there when you check out if someone has beaten you to it. Therefore, if there is a watch that you really REALLY want, I would urge you to "check out" as quickly as possible, and then continue shopping if there are other watches of milder interest. Happy shopping

Stock Number 5918
All yellow gold filled case measures 38mm long lug to lug, by 29mm wide, not including crown. Case showing noticeable brass on bezel's high spots. Good original silvered dial. Recessed crown. 17  jewel automatic movement winds, sets, and runs to within 2 min/day or better, but not know when last serviced. Used but nice 18mm peanut brown leather…More details
Stock Number 5916
Olympic was an import brand by a company in New York that was featured mainly in jobber catalogs of the 1920s and '30s and even up to the early '40s. They tended to use cheaper, low-jeweled movements, so imagine my surprise when finding that this doctor's watch contains a 17 jewel movement. Pioneer signed case measures 38mm long lug to lug, by…More details
Stock Number 5915
Fairly well worn base metal (electroplated) case with stainless steel snapback measures 44mm long lug to lug, by 36mm diameter, not including crown. Refinished dial. 17J Landeron movement winds and sets fine, all chrono functions operate properly (start, stop, reset). Measures to 60 minutes elapsed time. Used but serviceable 18mm brown leather…More details
Stock Number 5912
Excellent all 10kt yellow gold filled case made by Star Watch Case Co. measures 40 long lug tip to lug top, by 22mm wide not including crown. Case is stamped 501 245 on inside which dates to 1936 year of production. * Good original dial. Replacement crown. 15J Caliber 501 movement winds and sets perfectly, just serviced (clean/oil/adjust) and…More details
Stock Number 5910
Good 14kt all gold filled case measures 38mm long lug to lug, by 31mm diameter. High point on chevron shows brass and a small bump. Excellent original hr/min wheels. 21J Caliber 719 movement sets and winds perfectly, runs to within 2 min/day but not known when last serviced. Good 18mm black leather band. The "Chevron" is one of three digital…More details
Stock Number 5907
white plated bezel with stainless steel back case measures 26mm wide (excluding winding crown) by 36mm high tip of lug to tip of lug. Case with solid wire lugs is in excellent condition. Back is engraved "To Jack in appreciation from the Ryan brothers 1950." Excellent original dial and hands. Watch movement sets and winds perfectly. Watch runs to…More details
Stock Number 5906
All white gold filled Wadsworth case measures 38mm long lug tip to lug tip, by 24mm wide, not including crown. The movement on this is very interesting, a Caliber 9RW-54, 15J signed "A. Wittnauer." It is a formed movement, similar to the Gruen Quadron series. The movement was also used in Longines watches, with the Caliber designation of 9.47 and…More details
Case style number 335 723 corresponds to 1950 year of production *. Good gold filled case, some wear is evident. Refinished dial. This model is called the "Barclay," though many collectors refer to it as the "Spider," due to its case resembling a spider or spider web. The 335 was one of Gruen's best movements, with 21 jewels, and enjoys the…More details
Stock Number 5903
Excellent all stainless steel screwback case measures 45mm long lug to lug, by 35mm wide, not including crown. Excellent original dial. Original signed crown. Excellent original dial. 15J caliber 30T2 movement. 18mm black leather strap. Great looking British military issue Omega, unmolested condition.More details
Stock Number 5902
Excellent 9kt solid rose gold hinged case with wire lugs measures 26mm wide (excluding winding crown) by 37mm high tip of lug to tip of lug. Back is engraved "To Norman on this 26th birthday from Mom and Dad 14.11.38." Good original dial, beautiful quadrant pattern. Replacement crystal and correct crown. Watch movement sets and winds perfectly.…More details