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Bruce's Vintage Watches

Fine timepieces at reasonable prices from a name you trust.

In business since 1989 and offering medium- to high-grade watches with an unconditional seven-day money back guarantee.

General terms/conditions of sale/returns. Please read prior to ordering!

How to order. To see the watches for sale, click on the link "Go to the Store" on the top of the web page. There, you will a synopsis of all the available watches for sale. Go over to the right column of any given watch, and click on the words "more details" to see a more detailed description of the watch, and all available photos. If you like the watch and want to buy it, click on the box that reads "Add to Cart," and a new window will appear showing the watch in your shopping basket. At that point, you may continue shopping, or check out. You should be aware that all watches are available until the moment someone checks out and pays for the watch. At that moment, the watch becomes unavailable. Therefore, there is a slim (but nevertheless possible) chance that the watch in your shopping basket may become unavailable if someone beats you to it and checks out first. So if there is a watch that you really want, I suggest you check out with that watch first, then continue shopping.

Terms of sale. All watches are one-of-a-kind, and sold first-come, first-served. Generally speaking, I do not "hold" watches, except under extraordinary circumstances. If you want a certain watch, buy the darned thing! If you have watches to trade, that's fine. But we'll negotiate that later as a separate transaction. In the meantime, lock in your purchase to avoid disappointment. You may feel free to inquire about any watch you wish, but the watch remains "in play" and available to the first customer who makes a confirmed purchase

General condition/grading of watches Watch cases described as "excellent" are pleasing to the eye and will probably satisfy the great majority of collectors. If gold filled, most of the gold layer is intact. May have minor brassing on the high spots. May have a very minor amount of splitting on the underside. If condition is worse than that, it will be noted. If you receive a watch, and it is less than acceptable to you because of the case condition, you are covered under the 7-day return privilege.

Mechanical condition of watch. Generally speaking, when I receive a watch and it will run continuously within 2 min/day plus or minus (5 minutes on watches before the year 1930), I will NOT have them cleaned/oiled/adjusted. Unless a certain watch is otherwise noted in the description as having been serviced, I sell my watches "as received." Like all things mechanical, these old watches require periodic servicing, especially if you require exact timing. Most collectors are a little "forgiving" on the accuracy of a vintage timepiece. But if you are a stickler for precision, I think you will find that buying from me is a "hit-and-miss" proposition. You may feel free to ask me to time a particular watch for you, but again the watch remains "in play" and available to the first confirmed sale. Watches that have been serviced by my watchmaker will be guaranteed to run and keep time for six months from date of purchase. * Watches not serviced are sold AS-IS, and carry no further warranty beyond the 7-day return privilege described in the "Returns" paragraph below.

* Six month warranty covers defects from NORMAL WEAR, and does not include damage caused by dropping or immersion in water/liquids. Broken or cracked crystals are also not covered, unless the crystal was defective when you received the watch.

Returns Any watch may be returned for any reason for up to seven days after you receive the watch. You should send me an email as a courtesy to let me know the watch is being returned. The watch must be returned to me in the same condition received. You should insure the watch for the full purchase price against loss/damage in the mail. Upon receipt and inspection of the watch, prompt refund will be given in the form of a credit back to the debit/credit card used for the purchase. Except in situations where the watch is defective (i.e., nonrunning) or is significanty different than described, return shipping will be at the buyer's expense.

After seven days, watches may not be returned for any reason. You may certainly "trade in" the watch, or sell it back to me at some future date, but it will generally be a lower price than you paid for it.

Any other questions, please email me!

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