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Waltham Wristwatches A Collectors Guide - $29.95

Waltham Wristwatches A Collectors Guide shows the rich diversity of models that the company produced, starting in 1912 and running through 1955 when the company began phasing out of existence as a purely American business. As with previous guides, a large part of this work is based on the catalogs that Waltham produced for the trade. The remainder are specimens sold by auction houses, and models shown in various advertisements and ad slicks supplied to media outlets by Waltham. There is a good selection of trench watches from the WWI era. But I would say the majority of the specimens pictured are from the mid-1920s (great Art Deco pieces!) to the mid 1950s. This resulting guide is far from complete, but is a good start for the collector of Waltham wristwatches to see the great variety of watches that Waltham produced. I have a number of copies in stock, but delivery time could be as long as two weeks if I must order your book through my printer, which will be drop shipped direct to you.