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The Golden Age of the Swiss Wristwatch - $39.95

Over 300 pages of the neatest, coolest watch advertisements you ever saw! The end of World War II saw the greatest expansion of Swiss wristwatch brands in history. They all wanted to cash in on the pent up demand for watches caused by war shortages. Some brands were familiar, like Breitling, Heuer, and Omega. Others were more obscure, like Erguel, Mildia, Sinex. And my personal favorite: the "Vampire" model from the Pronto Watch Co. The ads these watch companies produced were beautiful, and they focused on the watches themselves. They were a far cry from the watch ads of today, which focus on celebrity "brand ambassadors" and sporting events and movie tie-ins. These old ads are not only a feast for the eyes, but represent the tip of the spear in research for these great old brands that are all but forgotten. The watches themselves represent the next frontier for collectors looking for quality watches at a reasonable price. Don't wait; get your copy today!