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Elgin Wristwatches: A Collector's Guide - $29.95

Elgin Wristwatches: A Collector's Guide. 139 pages. Illustrated with more than 900 Elgin watches produced between 1913-1962, most identified with model number, some by model name, and suggested retail price when the watch was introduced. Twelve years in the making, it's the first identification book devoted exclusively to Elgin wristwatches. A large part of this work is based on the annual jeweler catalogs that Elgin produced for the trade from 1929 to about 1942. The remainder are models shown in various advertisements and ad slicks supplied to media outlets by Elgin. This resulting guide is far from complete, but at least is a good start. The book also contains a good quantity of ladies models from the late 1920s Art Deco period, which have become quite collectible in recent years.